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Dental Assistant Class – Are You Ready?

Our dental assistant class is in full swing and the students are hard at work. As you can tell our students are learning about x-rays and how to perform them. This is something that is very important for a dental assistant to know how to do correctly. Nice work team!

Dental Assistant Class

getting-x-rays-on-1There is a lot of hands-on work during our dental assistant class, and the occasional test that has to be done. As you can see our students are hard at work with both.

Is there anything holding you back from becoming a dental assistant? Is this trouble real and what can we do to help you overcome this obstacle? We have seen many different type of situations that we have helped our former students overcome so they could become dental assistants.

How ready are you for a new career? Are you ready to take on our 13-week dental assistant class? If something is holding you back let us know and we will see what we can do to help you start this promising career.

test-timeWe strongly believe that our dental assistant school is a place for students to get the best training around for a steady career with amazing pay. You should take this opportunity like these students and get a spot in our next dental assistant school class. Space is limited so hurry up and don’t delay.

Email or call (231) 903-0330 today to sign up.

Dr. Christopher Sortman

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  • Susan G.


    Are you already full for your next session? I am thinking very seriously about going into the program.

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