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Dental Assisting Career

Ever wondered what it would be like to change careers or even find one that you really love? Why not give yourself a gift this year of an amazing dental assisting career. Join our dental assistant school and give yourself the gift you deserve. Don’t sell yourself short, so sign up today!

Dental Assisting Career

After our 13-week course of training in our program and with our top-certified instructors, you will be ready to become a dental assistant. We give you the skills to succeed in life! Our students have confidence, know how to work hard, and truly become one of the best dental assistants you can be.

Get the training you need to make a career choice now! Don’t wait…Email or call (231) 903-0330 today to sign up. Class size is limited so don’t delay.

Dr. Christopher Sortman

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Dental Assistant School Graduates

Are you ready to kick off a great career as a dental assistant? Our dental assistant school graduates are ready to show that they are positive and proactive while ready to tackle any dental assisting job.

Dental Assistant School Graduates

smiles-gradsHere are a few of our graduating students. We are very proud of everything that these young ladies have done so far and can’t wait to see what they do next as dental assistants.

Do you have what it takes to become a Dental Assistant School of Grand Rapids student? Are you ready for hands-on type of work? Do you feel the need to have a career with a great sense of fulfillment and helping others? Why not take the challenge and become a dental assistant student today.

Get the training you need to make a career choice now! Don’t wait…Email or call (231) 903-0330 today to sign up. Class size is limited so don’t delay.

Dr. Christopher Sortman


Dental Assistant Success Training and Skills

Dental Assistant SuccessThis course has given me all the skills and training I need to be a Dental Assistant Success. The instructors are very knowledgeable and willing to help at any time throughout the course. The facility has great equipment that is available for the students to use. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who Is ready to start a career as a Dental Assistant!

This program worked very well with my schedule.  Working full time, I was still able to get an education. I am very thankful for this opportunity.  Plus, Amanda is one of the best teachers I have ever had.  You rock!

– Says Aubrey T., Sparta Michigan


Highly Recommend This Class To Everyone!

Highly Recommend This ClassThis school has provided me with all the information and skills I will need in order to become a Dental Assistant. With state of the art equipment and highly knowledgeable instructors, you will for sure have no problem succeeding in this course. The instructors are very flexible with your schedule and are very understanding.

I highly recommend this class to everyone !

I truly enjoyed this class.  It allowed me to still go to work and have plenty of free time with my family.  The instructors did a great job at teaching us the material. 

Says Emalee C., from Muskegon MI


Dental Assistant Program Has Been Amazing

Dental Assistant ProgramThis Dental Assistant Program has been amazing.

Originally, I was concerned about being able to maintain my full-time job and attend school, however, classes are held on Saturdays which allowed me to balance both.

Also, Amanda, program coordinator, worked with me to arrange a payment option that worked so I could attend.

She was just as excited as I was.

– says Chloe D.


Dental Assistant Class – Are You Ready?

Our dental assistant class is in full swing and the students are hard at work. As you can tell our students are learning about x-rays and how to perform them. This is something that is very important for a dental assistant to know how to do correctly. Nice work team!

Dental Assistant Class

getting-x-rays-on-1There is a lot of hands-on work during our dental assistant class, and the occasional test that has to be done. As you can see our students are hard at work with both.

Is there anything holding you back from becoming a dental assistant? Is this trouble real and what can we do to help you overcome this obstacle? We have seen many different type of situations that we have helped our former students overcome so they could become dental assistants.

How ready are you for a new career? Are you ready to take on our 13-week dental assistant class? If something is holding you back let us know and we will see what we can do to help you start this promising career.

test-timeWe strongly believe that our dental assistant school is a place for students to get the best training around for a steady career with amazing pay. You should take this opportunity like these students and get a spot in our next dental assistant school class. Space is limited so hurry up and don’t delay.

Email or call (231) 903-0330 today to sign up.

Dr. Christopher Sortman


Dental Assistant School Recommendation

Dental Assistant School RecommendationThe Dental Assistant School of Grand Rapids has provided me with the knowledge and training required to be a successful dental assistant. The facility is equipped with state of the art equipment and technology that is available for the student’s use. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They are flexible and willing to accommodate your schedule and needs.

I highly recommend this school to anyone that is interested in starting a career as a Dental Assistant!

– says Kylea M.
(dental assistant school recommendation)


Dental Assisting – Time for a New Career!

Dental AssistingIt is time for a new career in dental assisting? Just read what some students are saying about the Dental Assisting School of Grand Rapids curriculum.

“I was thrilled with the outcome of completing my training. This training was great and mostly hands on, rather than just the same old information from a book. It was an awesome program that was definitely worth every penny that I paid for it. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I am so happy I chose this program!” –  Lauri W.

“Taking my dental assisting class through this curriculum was an amazing experience for me. It provided me with a program that gave me accurate and up to date information regarding dental assisting and various dental procedures. The training and lab time prepared me for working as a dental assistant in the real world. I would definitely recommend this curriculum to anyone interested in becoming a successful dental assistant.” – Kayce B.

Get the training you need to make a career choice now! Don’t wait…Email or call (231) 903-0330 today to sign up. Class size is limited so don’t delay.

Dr. Christopher Sortman


Dental Assistant School – A Career For You?

Is it time to find a career that is recession-proof and will let you get a job anywhere in the United States? Did you answer “Yes”? If so, then a career as a dental assistant is right for you. Dental Assisting has the opportunity for great pay and in some cases amazing benefits. Right now the dental assistant field is growing and is in very high demand. Why not find out more about this dental assistant school and amazing career?

Dental Assistant School


Email or call (231) 903-0330 to reserve a spot in our next session. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, schedule a tour of our school now.

We are here to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Christopher Sortman


Dental Assistant Salary is Good – Start a NEW career!

Is a NEW CAREER as a Dental Assistant what you need?  You can earn a great Dental Assistant Salary.  In addition, flexible payment plans and other financial opportunities are available.

Dental Assistant Salary

You can do this!

You will get the immediate training needed for employment as a dental assistant.  This program will provide a dental assisting certificate at graduation to provide to prospective employers.

Your dental assisting career will offer the following advantages:

  • Good job security.
  • Excellent pay.
  • Exciting work.
  • Fulfilling career.
  • Work with professionals.

Sign up now since we have limited space available per class. Reserve your spot while you can…

Email or call (231) 903-0330 today to sign up.

Dr. Christopher Sortman